“The thing I am looking forward to most is networking – meeting people – I’ve seen some of the list of lecturers and speakers. Some of those are clearly of interest, so it is a combination of learning new things and meeting people.”
“It’s good to see other people in the industry… networking with people that do the same thing I do… meeting more experienced people, getting to know them and getting to understand where the industry has come from and where it is going…”


“Getting to hear a lot of the work that other businesses are doing, the challenges they’ve come across – the challenges they’re dealing with within the sector as well as finding out what innovative and new technologies people are applying to the energetic sector.”


“Part of the integrated review find out a thing called future solider and part of our core strategy is professionlisation… coming here to Fulmination and being able to mingle with industry experts and build a relationship with Institute of Explosives Engineers will only help with that endeavor.”


“I did a presentation yesterday. I must admit I was quite nervous for that, but once I was there, channeling that anxiety into adrenaline was actually really good… speaking to people afterwards I got some good feedback so that was definitely a highlight.”
“This year I am really looking forward to catching up with people across the industry. A lot of us have been kept away and locked indoors for a long time and this is a really great opportunity to see people, colleagues – we’ve worked with many years ago – and new colleagues as well. So the new people coming through the Institute, the younger engineers and scientists, catching up with them and seeing what they think the industry and Institute is like. How we can support them and what they can bring to the team.”
“It’s listening to the different presentations because it is very easy to be in your own bubble in your day-to-day job, so it’s always quite interesting, especially from a defence sector as they are the beginning part as I am the end, getting rid of it when it is no longer wanted. So it’s always quite interesting listening to their presentations, what they come across, how they do their part, it helps broaden the knowledge base of what is going on in our industry.”
“I’ve been involved with the Institute for about 10 years and it’s gone from what I would consider like a gentleman’s dining club to being quite a slick professional credible organisation. So that is quite heartwarming for me. It’s a very nice group of people I work with and that’s a huge privilege. I’m one of the few women. At the moment it’s myself and one other and I’ve been involved for 10 years and I would like to see more women come on the board so it’s a bit more representative.”

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